Domestic Violence

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Brazoria County Domestic Violence Court Program


                The Domestic Violence (DV) Court Program is an accountability based program for offenders who have been placed on community supervision for offenses involving family violence. The objectives of the DV Court Program are to enhance victim safety, increase offender accountability, provide consistent judicial decision-making and reduce recidivism. The program requires offenders to accept full responsibility for the offense and all other abusive and controlling behaviors. Participants are required to complete a Domestic Violence Risk Assessment prior to being accepted into the program. This assessment will determine the length of treatment required; 36 or 52 weeks of Batterer's Intervention and Prevention Program (BIPP). Participants are required to appear in Court for a compliance hearing twice a month where the Domestic Violence Court Judge will assess their progress or lack thereof in the program. The Program is comprised of four progressive phases that allow offenders to track their progress in the program. Participants are required to meet certain standards before progressing to the next phase and they must present a phase advancement request to the Court as well as discuss the skills they have obtained in BIPP.

Successful completion of the program ranges from 10 to 18 months depending on individual progress.  Participants are required to complete BIPP (36 to 52 weeks), participate in BIPP journaling, submit to a substance abuse evaluation, attend Prison for a Day, attend a Domestic Violence Victim Impact Panel, abide by no contact orders (if applicable), provide their supervision officer will all social media information, possess no fire arms, and submit to polygraphs if further acts of violence are suspected. Participants must demonstrate and commit to a pattern of honesty and self-disclosure throughout the entire program. By providing a coordinated accountability-based program with judicial oversight, the participant is provided more opportunities to learn about and accept responsibility for their abusive behaviors while embracing the opportunity for change. It is projected that intensive judicial supervision, with swift and certain sanctions for non-compliance, will either ignite change or provide the opportunity for the Court to intervene sooner should recidivism occur amongst participants.

The DV Court Program is founded on the concept of providing a collaborative community approach to combating the cycle of violence amongst all agencies that are impacted by domestic violence. The DV Court routinely offers community education and training programs for law enforcement, victim services, child protective service agencies, treatment providers, supervision officers and all other criminal justice professionals.

For more information about upcoming trainings contact Domestic Violence Court Program Manager Meghan Martin at 979-864-1943 or

Domestic Violence Court Program Staff:

Domestic Violence Court Judge- The Honorable Chad Bradshaw

Domestic Violence Court Program Manager- Meghan Martin (979) 864-1943

Domestic Violence Court Supervision Officer- Kristy Delgado  (979) 864-2114

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