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Attention Crime Victims

If you are a victim of a crime and want to share your story in front of other people, defendants or your offender, our Victim Services Program is seeking your assistance for:


A DWI Victim Impact Panel (VIP) is a group of two to four victims who speak briefly about an impaired
driving crash caused by a drunk driver in which they were injured, or in which a loved one was killed or injured, and how it impacted their lives. Panels offer victims of crime the opportunity to tell their story to an audience. The purpose of these panels is to educate the offender/audience, to emotionally impact the offender/audience to feel remorse, empathy, and understand the victimization process, to aid in the continued healing process for the victim, to provide a venue for victims of crimes to express their loss, and to provide a safe, controlled environment for interaction between victim and offender/ audience.


A Domestic Violence Victim Impact Panel (DV VIP) is a community meeting where volunteers who have been victims, offenders, or witnesses give testimonies of experience they or loved ones have endured due to acts of domestic violence. The audience includes offenders and members of the community. The panel’s focus is to help an offender label behavior, understand the impact of domestic violence from a victim's perspective and to imprint on the mind of an offender true stories told from the heart that might be recalled later when he or she is presented an opportunity to choose between violent or abusive versus non-violent or non-abusive behavior alternatives in social interactions.