Your Day in Court

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The following will give you an idea of what procedures you will be facing when you have your day in court:

Your Day in Felony Court

You will appear in court, with or without your attorney, to answer docket call.  If your case is resolved by you being placed on Community Supervision (probation), you will go over some documents with your attorney.  Those documents will include the Conditions of Supervision.  You will then be asked by the clerk to swear that you understood all of the documents you and your attorney went over.  A Court CSO (Community Supervision Officer) will then ask you to fill out some other paperwork. 

After you go before the judge for sentencing, you will be directed by the court officer to take all your court documents to the County Clerk's Office (Collection Department), where court costs, attorney’s fees and fines will be set up.  Once in the collection department of the clerk’s office, you will set up a payment schedule for these fees.  The standard payment period consists of three payments paid out over ninety days. The clerk will explain the consequences of not paying the money owed and a copy of the payment schedule will be given to you.  Any problems with the payment schedule must be discussed with the Clerk at this time.  The Collection Clerk will then direct you to the Community Supervision Department at 1524 E Mulberry, Ste 200, Angleton, Texas for initial intake.

Your Day in Misdemeanor Court

You will appear in court, with or without your attorney, to answer docket call.  When you get to the courtroom, you will sign in. The Assistant District Attorney will call your name to review your case with you.  He/She may make you an offer for probation.  If you accept, you will meet with the secretary to go over the paperwork and be sworn in.  As the Judge calls the docket, you will answer.  The Judge will call you to the bench and ask what has been worked out on your case.  The Judge will accept the plea bargain for probation (if that is what you have decided) and you will be told to see the probation officer in the courtroom.  You will be fingerprinted and taken to the County Clerk’s Office to set up a payment plan for court costs, attorney fees and fines.  A copy of the court order and the collections information will be brought to the collection clerk’s office by the bailiff, court officer or defense attorney.  All of the original documents are kept by the courtroom clerk. You will then be instructed to go to the Community Supervision Department at 1524 E. Mulberry, Ste 200, Angleton, Texas.

Probation registration

When you arrive at the probation department at 1524 East Mulberry, Suite 200, you will be required to present a photo identification, your social security card, and your court papers at the window.  You will complete a Personal Data Information Sheet and you will be photographed.  You will be told when to report back to the office for the intake procedure.  It is highly recommended that children not be brought with you anytime you come to the probation department.  They can never be left unattended as sex offenders report to this office.

Probation intake procedure

Intake is an orientation-type process that is the first step in the commencement of your Community Supervision term.  Each individual will be given the name and phone number of his or her Community Supervision Officer at this time.  The first phase of Intake is a review of the terms and conditions of Community Supervision; any questions regarding any term and/or condition will be answered at this time.  The next phase of the Intake process is a review of available Community Service Work Crews, Community Resource Agencies, fundamental office information (hours, addresses, payment procedures, etc.), and the Civil Rights and Federal Firearm Control Act.  Individuals who are transferring out of Brazoria County are advised of their reporting procedures, payment procedures, etc.  The final phase of Intake is the completion of the Adult Placement Indicator, or API.  The API is required by the State of Texas and is also a condition of Community Supervision.  It is a tool that measures an individual’s literacy level and consists of a vocabulary section and a comprehension section; this takes approximately twenty minutes to complete.  The entire Intake process takes no more than one hour and is required of all individuals placed on Community Supervision.  No children are allowed during the intake procedure.