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District Clerk Records Department - 979-864-1128 

Office Hours
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Monday - Friday                                                       

Open Records Policy
Rules of Judicial Administration   

Criminal Case Search: District Clerk Felony Criminal Case Records
Civil Case Search: District Clerk Civil Case Records                 

Record Search    
Criminal Case Search   $5.00 for each name searched $5.00 for each alias name searched 
Civil Case Search  $5.00 for each name searched $5.00 for each maiden and married name
 Family Case Search  $5.00 for each name searched $5.00 for each maiden and married name

Civil and Criminal: $5.00 for every 10 years searched and $10.00 for search and certificate.                            

Hard Copies: $1.00 per page, $1.00 optional to certify document, $3.00 optional for exemplified copy.                    

All Requests must be made in writing by mail, email, or Web Request (below).
No record search will be done until payment is made.
No telephone requests for copies will be accepted.  

To request copies by internet please make payment at Certified Payments.                 

Copy Request Information                            

Cost for Copies to be returned by:                  
Mail - $1.00 per page (non-certified)                        
Mail - $1.00 per page plus additional $1.00 per document certification
Digital Copies (Email, CD, Flash Drive...etc.) - $.10 per page                                           

Preparation Time for Copies                         

1. Approximately three working days                              


Paper printout from District Clerk's Public Information
$5.00 Administrative Fee
$1.00 per page of report                                              

Money orders, cashier's checks, checks from law office accounts and insurance checks are accepted. Personal and Out-of-state checks are not accepted. Please show style and cause number on your remittance.

Remit payment to: District Clerk, Rhonda Barchak

Pay By Internet: Certified Payments

The Brazoria County District Clerk’s Bureau Code is 4375276. It is very important to know this number as well as your cause number when making payments. Payments not made to the correct bureau code may cause a delay in posting or refund of your payment.

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