Manufactured Home Rental Communities

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These regulations apply to any Mobile/Manufactured Home Rental Community that is completely or partially within Brazoria County, completely or partially outside the limits of a municipality, the construction of which has not been completed by the date these regulations became effective. 


These regulations also apply to the expanded portion of an existing manufactured home rental community when spaces or lots are added to said community.


Prior to any construction of a Mobile/Manufactured Home Rental Community, please review the documents below regarding regulations and restrictions.Then, please fill out a Pre-Development Meeting Application so a meeting can be scheduled. Meetings are held by appointment Thursday mornings in one hour increments. We suggest you submit your meeting request as soon as possible, as requests are processed in the order in which they are received and time slots fill quickly. To reserve your meeting time, please complete the Pre-Development Meeting application below and attach a location map of the area to be discussed, and return to email listed on application.


The County will review your application and assess which departments will participate in the meeting, i.e. Engineering, Floodplain, Fire Marshal, Environmental Health, Groundwater, Permits, Addressing, and ROW.


An email invitation will be sent to you on the date and time for your meeting.

Pre-Development Meeting Application

Mobile/Manufactured Home Rental Community Regulations



An on-site sewage facility (OSSF) is a system for the treatment and disposal of wastewater less than 5000 gallons per day (gpd) that is generated and disposed on site. Please contact the Environmental Health Department for information.


For any assistance, please contact us at 979-864-1265 or