Food permitting process

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Brazoria County Food Establishment and Mobile Unit Permitting Process


A retail food permit is required prior to operation.  A new retail food permit is required if the ownership changes.  Retail food permits are non-transferrable.

To obtain a retail food permit please meet with a food inspector for a consultation.  Consultations are conducted only on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  During the consultation a review of the rules and regulations will be discussed along with all required documents needed for permitting.

Before purchasing a pre-existing building/ restaurant with the intent of food service it is best to contact a food inspector to ensure the building meets all current codes.  There is no “grandfathering clause”.

Permit fees will be due only after documents have been submitted, reviewed, approved and the establishment has passed inspection.

Documents to be submitted

Fixed Establishments:

  1. Floor plans – required for new construction, remodels and expansion.Floor plans must be approved before any type of construction begins.
  2. Water District Approval – MUD or Water well with a Public Water System ID permitting by Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, T.C.E.Q. (water sample may be required)
  3. Municipal Utility District for sewer services or On-site Sewage Facility permit.Grease trap information.
  4. Certified Food Manager’s Certification
  5. Fire Marshal Inspection
  6. State of Texas sales tax permit-
  7. Menu

Mobile Units:

Mobile units will not be inspected during a consultation.

Documents to be submitted

  1. Title of mobile unit.
  2. Texas driver’s license.
  3. Approved water source-notarized permission letter for water usage. (water sample maybe required)
  4. Approved waste water discharge-notarized permission letter or pumping contract.
  5. Certified Food Manager’s Certification.
  6. Fire Marshal inspection from the Brazoria County Fire Marshal.
  7. State of Texas sales tax permit-
  8. Menu