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The Purpose of the Brazoria County Floodplain/911 Administration office is to help the citizens of this County when purchasing property for development.  Building permits are required for any new or relocated structure more than 200 sq ft, manufactured home, or addition more than 50% of present evaluation of existing structure.

We first determine if the property is located in a flood hazard area designated by FEMA by the legal description.  The next step is to determine the flood elevation for new structures based on the FEMA data.  In May, 2005, Commissioners' Court required the elevation to be set at 2-ft. above the FEMA elevation based on the large amount of development in the County and to comply with the Countywide Drainage Criteria for new subdivisions.  If the property is not located in a flood hazard area, the requirement will be recommended to be 24-inches above existing grade.

We also help to grandfather in older homes with flood insurance rates by furnishing the insurance companies copies of FEMA maps dated back to 1970 and letters of compliance for the time the structure was permitted.  Brazoria County issued the first building permit for the unincorporated area in March, 1975.


COVID19 Building Permit Instructions