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Brazoria County and municipalities located within it have thoroughfare plans to provide for better mobility as the County grows in population.   Existing roads that have been determined to be thoroughfares may need to be expanded in the future.   If your property is located along one of the planned future thoroughfares, it will be necessary for you to do the following:

  1. Obtain the setback requirements from this office;

  2. Choose the appropriate form, from below, that applies to the owner(s) of the property and completely fill the forms out (either typed or hand-written);

  3. File completed form with the Brazoria County Clerk Real Property Records; and

  4. Submit a copy of the “recorded” document containing the County Clerk’s Official Record Number to this office with your building application permit.


Removal Acknowledgment - Individual

Removal Acknowledgment - Husband and Wife

Removal Acknowledgment - More Than One Property Owner

Removal Acknowledgment - Two Property Owners

Removal Acknowledgment - Three Property Owners

Removal Acknowledgment - Four Property Owners

Removal Acknowledgment - Five Property Owners

Removal Acknowledgment - Company