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Welcome to the Brazoria County current openings information page.

If you would like to apply for a position, go to the Brazoria County Careers Page.

 The information below is provided to you for guidance on the application process. 



We appreciate your interest in working for the County and for giving us this opportunity to learn of your qualifications. We also hope that this present application process ("process") will soon lead to the right job opportunity for you with the County. However, if it does not, we want you to feel that it has, nevertheless, been a pleasant experience and one that will encourage you to apply again at a later date.
We have prepared this information page, referred to as the "Applicant Procedure", to help guide you through the process and steps of applying for and becoming an employee of the County. The County has adopted this procedure to ensure that all persons seeking employment are treated in a fair and consistent manner and that in every case, the better qualified applicant is selected for each open and listed job vacancy. In addition, it is the County's purpose to make this process as convenient and expeditious as is practicable. 
The County will provide you with information on its personnel policies and practices, its employee benefits, and its personnel. However, please feel free at any time to ask questions and/or inquire about the status of your application. While we will be gathering relevant information about you, we want you, at the same time, to have all of the information you need. The County's Human Resources Department will be available to assist you at anytime with your questions. The information on how to contact us is listed below. 

Employment At Will

All employment with the County is "at will". This means that if you become an employee of the County, no contract of employment, either specified or unspecified, will exist between you and the County for any duration, except as provided by state law. In other words, the County will have the right to terminate your employment for any legal reason, or no reason, at any time either with or without notice. Conversely, you will have the right to leave your employment at any time, for any reason, with or without notice. 
Furthermore, the County will have the right to change your location for work, your salary and benefit programs, its personnel policies and any other privilege or condition of employment at any time and for any reason, with or without prior notice.
Equal Employment Opportunity
The County is an Equal Employment Employer. It is the policy of the County to provide equal opportunity to all applicants for employment without discrimination in regard to race, color, religion, disability, national origin, sex or age. This policy extends to hiring, training, promotion, discipline, transfer, layoff, termination and all other terms and conditions of employment.

Definition of a Job Applicant

Due to regulatory reasons, the County defines a "job applicant" to be a qualified person who applies for an open and listed job vacancy. This means that the County accepts applications only for open and listed job vacancies and only from applicants who possess the minimum job skills and qualifications that are required of the position. 
In addition, a job applicant is further defined as someone who has completed, in its entirety, a "Brazoria County Employment Application ("application") form and other supplement(s), as applicable, and who submits the document(s) to the Human Resources Department or other designated department of the County.
Persons submitting resumes, solicited or unsolicited, will not be considered a job applicant of the County unless and until they meet all of the above requirements. 
For an open and listed job vacancy where a large number of job applicants apply, the County reserves the right to accept only a limited number of job applicants; i.e., the first 10, 25, 50, etc. In that event, all remaining job applicants would be regarded as ineligible for that vacancy.

Job Applicant Resources' File

If you are not hired for a present open and listed job vacancy, the County will retain your application in a "Job Applicant Resources' File" for six (6) months. At the end of that period, you may extend that time for another six (6) months by reapplying and completing a new application. In which event, the County will consider your new application in accordance with this procedure. 
The County uses the Job Applicant Resources' File as one of its many sources for qualified employees but no preferential consideration is given in the hiring process to those applicants. Again, the County's policy is to hire the better-qualified applicant available for each open and listed job vacancy, regardless of the source by which he/she was recruited or applied. 

Other Requirements for Employment

All job offers are conditioned upon passing a pre-employment alcohol/drug test.
Applicants for Road & Bridge Equipment Operator jobs who do not hold a valid Commercial Drivers' License ("CDL") will be required, in accordance with law, to obtain medical certification of eligibility for a CDL prior to beginning employment. 
Other jobs that involve strenuous physical activities require a post offer pre-employment physical examination. You will be told if this requirement applies to the job for which you are applying. 
The Human Resources Department arranges for all pre-employment tests and medical certifications, and the County pays for their costs. 

Job Applicants with Disabilities

All County facilities are wheelchair accessible. If you need other assistance, please contact the Human Resources Department. The County prohibits discrimination in employment against persons applying for employment who are qualified to perform the essential functions of the job, with or without reasonable accommodation. 

Reasons for Disqualification

Although not totally inclusive, following are some of the more common reasons why job applicants are disqualified from employment:
1) Making a false statement on the application form or any other document related to or which has bearing on the application process.
2) Committing or attempting to commit a fraudulent act at any step of the application process.
3) Refusal or failure to pass a County required pre-employment alcohol/drug test.
4) Being found unqualified to perform the essential functions of the job, with or without reasonable accommodation, upon taking a post-offer pre-employment physical examination, if one is required.
5) Unsatisfactory work history and/or poor professional references.
6) Lack of job qualifications and experience.
7) Not legally permitted to hold the position. 

Steps for Making Application for Employment

You may contact or visit the Human Resources Department to inquire about any open and listed job vacancies that exist with the County. Someone may also be available at any of the County's outlying offices to provide you with a job application. 
The following are ways to submit your job application. You must have an email for account for status updates on your application. If you do not currently have an email account, you can sign up for one with a free provider such as Google, Outlook, Yahoo, or other:

Submit online - Follow this link to our Career's Page. Click on the job title, then click "apply". You must create a log-in to complete the online application. 

Once your application has been received by the Human Resources Department, it will be forwarded to the appropriate department head for consideration. If the department head decides to invite you for an interview, he/she will contact you directly to make the arrangements. In some cases, the department head may arrange for you to be interviewed by a representative of the Human Resources Department. In either case, the department head will be the hiring authority.

If the department head decides to make you a "conditioned" job offer and you accept, the Human Resources Department will arrange for you to take a drug test and a post offer pre-employment physical examination (if one is required for the job).Be sure to check your email and phone for notifications concerning location/date/time for appointments. You will not be permitted to report for work until such time that the Human Resources Department confirms with you that you have passed the test(s). The Human Resources Department will also confirm your orientation date. You will attend orientation as specified by the Human Resources Department, and at a specified time, for employment processing. Afterwards, you will be referred to your department head to begin your new job! No one is permitted to report for work until such time they have been cleared by the Human Resources Department following orientation. 

How to Contact the Human Resources Department
Location: Brazoria County Courthouse
               111 East Locust Street, Suite 103A
               Angleton, Texas 77515
Office Hours: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday - Friday
To call: (979)864-1809, (979)388-1809 or (281)756-1809
To fax: (979)864-1035, (979)388-1035 or (281)756-1035
Job Line: (979)864-1023
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