Victim's Assistance Program

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The purpose of the Victim's Assistance Program at Brazoria County Juvenile Justice Department, is to assure that the victim/s of juvenile crime are apprised of their rights and assisted through the juvenile court process.

To assure that these goals are met, every victim of juvenile crime is sent a Victim Impact Packet. Included in this packet is the name and phone number of the supervising Court Unit Supervisor.

The Court Unit Supervisor or designee will:

Assist victim/s in preparing restitution information and the victim impact statement.
Keep in contact with victim/s who request to be notified of court proceedings.
Assist victim/s in voicing their needs and wishes for disposition of their cases.
Assist victim/s in understanding the legal guidelines used in determining disposition.
Assist and be present with victim/s throughout the court process.
Assist victims who qualify for state funded Victim's Compensation in completing the application.
Texas Crime Victim's Compensation  for more information on crime victims assistance please visit the office of the Attorney General at