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Surveying for mosquitoes

gravid trap                   Sept & Oct 2006 046                          nj

We set light and gravid traps to collect mosquitoes for identification purposes and to test for mosquito-borne viruses, as well as conduct adult landing rate and dipped larvae counts throughout Brazoria County.

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dipped larvae                     LARVICIDE              lifecycle

Brazoria County Mosquito Control District larvicides roadside ditches, low lying areas and storm drains which breed mosquitoes. 

Aedes aegypti



Brazoria County Mosquito Control District uses both ground and air equipment to spray for adult mosquitoes.  ULV trucks are a common sight throughout the summer and fall months.  They provide localized relief for residences of Brazoria County.  When there is a widespread outbreak or when the landing rate counts begin to climb, we also use aerial spraying.  The length of relief from adulticiding is only temporary and depends upon many factors.