Brazoria County Historical Museum

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Discover where Texas began!

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The Brazoria County Historical Museum exists to discover, preserve and make known the history of Brazoria County. Located in Brazoria County's historic 1897 courthouse, the Museum collects, preserves and exhibits artifacts that relate to the history of and which reflect the County's cultural and demographic diversity.


The Museum is currently open at 25% capacity during normal operating hours.  

Please practice social distancing and safe hygiene. Thank You

Upcoming Programs- 

The following programs are being rescheduled.

 Eat, Talk & Tour 

TBD- this fall

Bring lunch, enjoy a presentation on architectural history and then stay for a guided tour with Architect Chris Hutson. 
From a segregated health clinic to a public library, the 1897 Brazoria County Courthouse has served many purposes throughout its 122-year history. Learn more as Hutson, Architect of Hutson Gallagher, Inc., discusses the evolving history and architecture of the 1897 Brazoria County Historical Museum building. 

Christopher J. Wickham and Daniel J. Gelo – “Comanches on the Texas Frontier: The Ethnology of Heinrich Berghaus”

TBD- this fall

In 1851, an article appeared in a German journal, Geographisches Jahrbuch (Geographic Yearbook), that sought to establish definitive connections, using language observations, among the Comanches, Shoshones, and Apaches. Join us as authors Christopher J. Wickham and Daniel J. Gelo share for the first time a reliable English translation of this important nineteenth-century document. In addition to making the article accessible to English speakers, they also place Berghaus’s work into historical context and provide detailed commentary on its value for anthropologists and historians who study German settlement in Texas.

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