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  • 01. How many people in Brazoria County have been tested for COVID-19?

    Due to how cases are reported to the Health Department, Brazoria County Health Department does not have the exact number of people who have been tested in the County for COVID-19. Brazoria County Health Department receives information from private labs on positive COVID-19 cases only and is not provided negative case information, this means a grand total of people tested at private labs is not always provided. The Health Department does receive some totals from some of the testing facilities throughout the county but not all. That being said, any number reported by the County on the total tests that have been administered would be under-reported and not an accurate representation.

  • 02. Where can I get tested for COVID-19?

    Click on the picture for testing facility information:

    Testing Facilities

  • 03. Are the COVID-19 State transferred inmates counted in the total reported case number in Brazoria County.

    No, these cases had been counted in another jurisdiction before they were transferred.

  • 04. Are the Brazoria County Parks closed?

    The County parks are open. The public will not have access to park playground equipment, large pavillions and gathering place, or park restrooms.
  • 05. Are the County offices Closed?

    The Brazoria County Courthouse and all annexes will remain open, with reduced staff, due to the continuing health and safety concerns surrounding COVID-19. Brazoria County takes the safety and well-being of our employees and residents very seriously there for each county department will be working at reduced staff to help with social distancing.  We are asking resident to take advantage of our online services to limit exposure to our employees and others.  Please visit the Brazoria County website,, to see if the business you have with the County can be done online, by email or by regular mail.

    The Brazoria County libraries are closed to the public. E-books, audiobooks, streaming media, and digital resources are available 24/7 online. You can find these resources at under the Ebranch tab. The Brazoria County Historical Museum is also closed to the public.

    The COVID-19 outbreak guidelines continue to evolve. The County is making every effort to stay abreast with the latest information and to pass that information on to our residents.  Please keep checking the Brazoria County website, Facebook page, Instagram page and Twitter page.

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  • 06. Essential businesses?

    Please visit the Brazoria County website,, for the public reference guide for businesses and other organizations and the Stay Safe At Home Order

  • 07. How do I report essential businesses violation?

    If you would like to report an essential business violation please contact the Brazoria County District Attorney's Office - Civil Division at 979-864-1233, or you can report it to the city in which the business located.
  • 08. Do I need a fishing license?

    Saltwater and Freshwater fishing licenses are required in the State of Texas. For temporary closures and fishing restrictions due to COVID-19, and to purchase a fishing license online, go to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s website by clicking the link here

  • 09. Anti-body Testing

    What is COVID-19 antibody testing?
    When you recover from a virus, cells in your immune system “remember” it to help the body the next time you’re sick. Antibodies help fight off the infection when the virus enters your body, thus, in theory, making you immune.
    An antibody test, measures the antibodies in your blood to help determine if you’ve ever been infected with COVID-19.
    To test for antibodies, you have to give a blood sample, usually with a finger prick. 

    Does it detect the virus in a person?
    No, an antibody test won’t tell you if you currently have COVID-19. According to the FDA, "the test detects the body’s immune response to the infection caused by the virus rather than detecting the virus itself."

    How accurate are the tests?
    Laboratory tests that detect antibodies to COVID-19 need further validation to determine their accuracy and reliability. Also, accuracy can vary test to test so you would need to review the specific manufacturer’s information to determine their accuracy rate.

    Will I be immune to COVID-19 if I have the antibodies?
    The current hypothesis by the CDC is that the virus will lead to some level of protective immunity for an unknown duration.  Having antibodies for COVID-19 does not necessarily mean you are immune from re-infection down the road.  It hasn’t been proven yet that once you develop antibodies, you develop protective immunity.

    Where can I get an antibody test?
    COVID-19 antibody tests aren’t widely available yet. Health experts recommend contacting your doctor to see if it’s necessary for you to be tested.

    If I have the antibodies can I stop wearing a mask and quit social distancing?
    No. Regardless of antibody results, you should still adhere to the recommended social distancing and quarantine behaviors.